Go for it!

Images and quotes about travel have recently been popping up on my social media. I suppose the various algorithms have worked out that I love to travel. I’ll get into what travel means to me, as it is something different for each person. Some people like to go to as many places as possible. Others

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How could I choose?

Part of my byline claims I’m a traveler. With Dave’s knee surgery and rehab, this summer hasn’t presented many opportunities outside our local area. I recently mentioned that to a friend, and she said, “but you live overseas. Isn’t that like always traveling?” I suppose you could see it that way. But it’s more than

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Do you believe in dragons?

August 1431, a massive army assembles to defeat the rebel Bohemians. But blood and murder awaken a sleeping beast in a cave deep within the mountain. The dragon awakens from his centuries-long curse. The embodiment of evil, the fire-breathing fiend, cuts a swath through the peaceful countryside. There are only two ways to break the

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