The MacKay Mysteries

Death on the Line

He signed on to map the New World, not solve a cold-blooded homicide. But his dream job just became his worst nightmare…

In 1763, Angus MacKay set sail for the American colonies. Orphaned at an early age, he feels like he’ll never catch a break. However, when he’s hired as the assistant to Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon on their survey of the contentious Pennsylvania-Maryland boundary, he sees an opportunity to prove himself.

Not everyone is happy about this border, and tensions reach a boiling point when Angus stumbles upon a lifeless body. With numerous suspects, including rival claimants, locals spying on each other, native tribes, and a sheriff determined to arrest Angus, the game changes from drawing lines on the ground to defining the line between good and evil.

Desperate to prove his innocence, Angus inches closer to the truth with each mile they measure. Will he catch the real culprit before it’s too late? Or will the natives take the blame?

Death on the Line, the first book in The MacKay Mysteries historical fiction series, delves into a young man’s journey to find acceptance. Can this reluctant hero learn to believe in himself? Immerse yourself in Colonial America, in a tale filled with rich historical details and real people.

What reviewers say:

“The author’s portrayal of 18th-century America is a delight. Through Angus’ eyes, readers feel the fresh wonder of early settlement—the hard work and boundless opportunities; the conflicts and injustices.”— Kirkus Reviews

With wonderful descriptions fo the landscape, rich characterisation with authentic dialogue, and a unique and gripping plot, this is an excellent book and will appeal to readers of both historical fiction and murder mysteries.”- Reader’s Choice Book Awards, 5 Star Finalist

“History buffs are going to love this one, but they’re not the only ones. Amorosi combines factual inspiration with her own inventive storytelling to create this thrilling historical murder mystery.” – Independent Book Review

What readers say:

The historical background is meticulously created. You find yourself in a different world.

This novel had a lot of heart, adventure, and the historical detail which created the perfect reading package.

achieves the right balance of historical fact and fictional story without losing sight of the goal – make it believable and entertaining.

It’s an unflinching examination of dark motives, yet written in a clean, cozy style that is suitable for all ages.

This book is a wonderful mix of crime writing in the tradition of cosy mystery and well-researched historical fiction.

Secret of the Old Tower

A family secret. Two dead bodies. The penalty for murder is death.

The year is 1768. Angus MacKay returns to London after five years in the American colonies. He arrives full of hope for the future, but his lack of education soon leaves his dreams shattered. He learns you can never go home again.

Yearning to prove his worth, Angus heads north to Scotland, to a home torn apart by rebellion, and is catapulted into intrigue. Killers often strike again, and the body count is rising.

Secrets are dangerous, testing loyalties and family ties. It seems everyone has a motive. Can Angus make sense of it all and unravel a solution? With his life on the line, the stakes have never been higher.

Travel to the Scottish Highlands in the 18th century. Escape to a land rich in folk traditions and superstitious locals. Secret of the Old Tower is book 2 in the Mackay Mysteries, a historical fiction murder mystery series.

What reviewers say:

“Secret of the Old Tower offers a vivid and compelling mystery set in historic Scotland.” – Independent Book Review

What readers say:

a cozy mystery steeped in authentic period detail with a sympathetic hero who is easy to root for.

will Angus discover his true calling as an amateur sleuth–the Scottish Sherlock Holmes?

Amorosi scores again with a puzzling mystery wrapped in Scotland’s history and lore.

The intricacy where the history and folklore were woven made for a great ambiance and enhanced the book. It rang of “Into the Wilderness”

With a cup of hot tea in your hand this story makes a great Sunday afternoon read.

Sign of Nine Stripes

Third time is lucky… or so they say. Angus believes his chance for success lies in the colonies. When he receives an offer of employment, he follows his dreams across the Atlantic for the third time. What could possibly go wrong?

In 1763, Angus followed his heroes, Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon, to the New World on their ground-breaking survey. Five years later, he returned to London with no prospects. Now, Angus sails back to the colonies. But this time will be different. Joel Bailey has offered him a position as a surveyor. His friend, Liam, is there. The uncle he believed dead is there. And a beautiful Native lass is there. Angus thinks he’s finally on his way to making a life for himself.

But there’s an undercurrent of danger running throughout the colonies. Smuggling, protests, and secret organizations are the norm. New taxes and restrictions are being imposed. And people are taking sides against each other.

Angus doesn’t want to choose sides. But when a dead body is delivered to his employer’s home, what choice does he have?

Sign of Nine Stripes is the captivating third book in The MacKay Mysteries historical fiction series. If you like engaging characters, vivid settings, and the political intrigue of pre-Revolutionary America, then you’ll love Carol Amorosi’s enlightening adventure.

What reviewers say:

“Mystery, romance, and history—Sign of Nine Stripes engages American history buffs with both story & truth.” – Independent Book Review

What readers say:

a fun, cozy mystery that is even more rich with authentic particulars

fully delivers on its promise of an intriguing mystery that is deeply interwoven with fascinating historical fact

combining historical fact and fiction to create a very enjoyable book.

Amorosi again ties all the threads together for a completely satisfying book full of mystery, adventure and the warmth of friendships