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Redolent historical fiction with a tinge of mystery. – Kirkus Reviews

He spends his life solving puzzles. Now facing an incompetent sheriff, can he solve the murder and avoid the hangman’s noose?

1763. Eighty years of skirmishes along the controversial Pennsylvania & Maryland border. Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon arrive with the latest 18th-century technology for their ground-breaking survey. Native tribes contest it. Both colonies challenge it. No matter how accurate the result, one side will not accept it.

Angus MacKay, their eager assistant, arrives amid the massacre of the Conestoga, a native tribe. He is plunged into intrigue as their mission is sabotaged. Suddenly, Angus trips over a dead body, and the incompetent sheriff would like nothing more than to arrest Angus for the murder. It’s a hanging offense. Suddenly, the game changes from defining a line on the ground to defining the line between good and evil.

Travel back in time to colonial America in the 18th century with suspects galore: native tribes, locals spying on each other, even a gun-toting minister. Death on the Line is Book 1 in The MacKay Mysteries, a murder mystery series full of historical events and real people.

A family secret. Two dead bodies. The penalty for murder is death.

The year is 1768. Angus MacKay returns to London after five years in the American colonies. He returns home full of hope for the future, but his lack of education soon leaves his dreams shattered. He discovers you can never go home again.

Yearning to prove his worth, Angus heads north to Scotland, to a home torn apart by rebellion, and is catapulted into intrigue. Killers often strike again, and the body count is rising.

Secrets are dangerous, testing loyalties and family ties. It seems everyone has a motive. Can Angus make sense of it all? With his life on the line, the stakes have never been higher.

Travel to the Scottish Highlands in the 18th century. Escape to a land rich in folk traditions and superstitious locals. Secret of the Old Tower is book 2 in the Mackay Mysteries, a historical fiction murder mystery series.

 What people are saying:The intricacy where the history and folklore were woven made for a great ambiance and enhanced the book. It rang of Into the Wilderness and had a protagonist just as relatable and realistic.” Amazon Reviewer 

Editorial reviews for Death on the Line

“The author’s portrayal of 18th-century America is a delight. Through Angus’ eyes, readers feel the fresh wonder of early settlement—the hard work and boundless opportunities; the conflicts and injustices.” – Kirkus Reviews

“History buffs are going to love this one, but they’re not the only ones. Amorosi combines factual inspiration with her own inventive storytelling to create this thrilling historical murder mystery.” – Independent Book Review

Ranked #29 in’s top 50 Books of 2021