Cultural information


Today, one of our neighbors celebrated his 60th birthday. The family rented the Gemindeshafthaus, or town hall, for the occasion. This building is conveniently located across from our house, and we were invited. The festivities began with Lothar, the birthday boy, standing outside behind a table filled with glasses and bottles of champagne. As each …

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What is Art?

What is art? How do we define it? Different people have different tastes. My husband, for example, likes the dark, heavy work of the Old Masters and the stormy seas of J.M.W. Turner. I prefer a lighter touch and enjoy the paintings of Monet, and the Arts & Crafts and Art nouveau movements, including the …

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White Gold

On my recent foray into the ancient Celts in Hallstatt and Hallein, Austria, I discovered why these areas were so prominent in history. White gold, or salt, was found in those mountains over 7,000 years ago. Neolithic man mined salt up through the Stone Age using picks made of antlers. This mining process became easier …

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