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Happy Halloween!

For the past week, the weather here in Maryland has been in the 80s. Having recently moved here, I’ve been told this is unusual for late October. And overnight, it plummeted. The high today was 50°, with it dropping further by sunset. It’s Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, and I’m glad to feel a brisk …

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First Person or Third, What is Your Preference

As an interpreter with the 7th Virginia Regiment, I enjoyed speaking to people about history. While most events were Revolutionary War battle re-enactments, some were educational, designed to share Colonial American life with the public. Often, I noticed that while they came for the battles and the sound of the rifles and cannons; they stayed …

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Today, one of our neighbors celebrated his 60th birthday. The family rented the Gemindeshafthaus, or town hall, for the occasion. This building is conveniently located across from our house, and we were invited. The festivities began with Lothar, the birthday boy, standing outside behind a table filled with glasses and bottles of champagne. As each …

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