September 2022

Go for it!

Images and quotes about travel have recently been popping up on my social media. I suppose the various algorithms have worked out that I love to travel. I’ll get into what travel means to me, as it is something different for each person. Some people like to go to as many places as possible. Others

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Rest in Peace

I had a post ready for this week on travel. But the events of yesterday, the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, called to me as an amateur historian to learn more about this remarkable woman, her life, and her accomplishments. I just got off the phone with my son, who lives in the U.K. The

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Very Superstitious!

Today, on the first of the month, I wondered where some of these traditions originated as I wished everyone a happy new month. The Greeks say Καλό μήνα (Kaló mína), which translates to a good month. But it should be the first thing you say that morning. Some British friends say  Rabbit Rabbit, or White

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